These bespoke hand made wooden A-Boards left our workshop yesterday….

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It’s been a long time since we’ve done anything like this! Infact I’ve never done anything like this.. So I left this job to dad!! He used to produce a lot of bespoke wooden signage so he knew exactly what was required. Our customer actually specified that they wanted the sign to be the same as one dad had made about 20 years ago! It’s was a great little project for me to watch…

Photo-28-02-2013-16-23-26 Photo 28-02-2013 16 18 45

The first step was some technical drawings, getting all of the measurements and materials right at this initial point was key to the whole project coming together as well as it did. Once that was done production started, getting everything cut to the right size and channels routed into the frame.

Photo 06-03-2013 15 43 27


Then gluing, nailing and screwing everything in place, filling any imperfections with filler and making sure everything was sanded down and ready for the first coat of paint.


Next step – base coat.



Photo 08-03-2013 16 43 18

After all of the sanding and cleaning it was time for the first coat. Between coats of paint the signs were sanded down again, ensuring each coat was keyed in properly, giving an excellent finish. In total there must of been around 5 coats of paint that went on before any green paint got anywhere near them!

Photo 17-04-2013 09 51 22


After the final coat of paint went on it was time to get the hinges and metal restraint fitted – the restraint is a metal hook and loop type thing which stops the A-Board from opening too far and keeps it open when it’s on display.

The next step was to install the graphics – we used flat cut high gloss vinyls for this.

Photo 25-04-2013 18 04 06



The clean design and two colours of the graphic really adds to the traditional feel of these signs.


What a lovely little project……

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  • What an interesting diversion from your signage…They do look very professional especially in those colours.

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