Yesterday we had the great pleasure of attending a presentation to mark the retirement of Jackie Taylor following her 25 years of tirelessly driving forward the wonderful enterprise that is ‘Saltburn in Bloom’. If I remember rightly (there is certain to be comment here as I rarely do..) it all began with a small blue sailing dingy filled to the gunnels with top soil and left high and dry up on Ox Close following an unusually high spring tide. As town signwriters we were summarily summoned to Cleveland Street, SinBloom HQ, to ‘discuss’ the naming of the vessel and how the main title could be achieved at minimal (zero) cost. All went well with the planting, the watering and weeding and all the other associated looking after bits and I suppose the judging as the following year it all happened again. But this time bigger and better and more ambitious – and so it has gone from triumph to greater triumph and it’s with great joy that I am able to report that Jackies replacement is a committee of hundreds.. filled with trepidation and taking timorous steps in a huge pair of shoes. Very best of luck  – and for Jackie a wish that she shall see the fruits of her labours multiply and grow for many, many years to come. It has always been a pleasure working with you.

The blue dingy – the weight of said soil ultimately proved it’s undoing following it’s final move some considerable time later to the grassed area opposite Camfields, in the bottom car park…

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  • Saltburn in Bloom is a fantasic sight to behold in summer, it’s a pleasure to live here and the masses of flowers and planters enhance our towns beauty. Jackie has done a super job motivating people to help and contribute. Best wishes to the new team.
    Martin Nesbitt

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