Locally made & bought Gourmet Scotch Eggs from The Clucking Pig // www.thecluckingpig.com

Using local suppliers is not just a passing trend but a strategy with substance.  Local suppliers can offer quality services at competitive rates whilst being right in your local area. A marketing technique to only use local business is great for building loyalty with customers. Having a good relationship with other local businesses is an essential part of running a company. By sourcing business locally it helps fellow businesses stay in business and become more financially successful, contributing to the strength and growth of the local area.

The environmental impact that using local companies over larger supplies is of great benefit. Using local suppliers significantly reduces the amount of damage to the environment. Local suppliers will probably use smaller, more environmentally friendly vehicles. Using local suppliers can also reduce traffic congestion as they will be on the roads for a shorter period of time. Also, they are more familiar with the roads and area enabling them to deliver on time without delays!

Local suppliers are part of the community giving them a bigger incentive to getting and delivering higher quality goods and services. No local supplier would want to be discussed in the area as providing a poor service. And each product or service bought from a local provider brings the opportunity to meet other local people and businesses, making a more integrated and positive community.