This month Sign Art completed an exciting project in the Palace Hub on Redcar’s revamped Esplanade.

We were thrilled to be chosen to carry out work on Redcar’s new landmark building. Working alongside the Council and xsite architecture we got invited along to visit some of the architect’s other projects so we could understand their vision and get a real feel for the project.

We installed Business Directories and Office & Meeting Room Signage, which were all produced on CNC cut furniture grade birch ply wood with a great vibrant laminate on the faces. We specified a Polyrey laminate, who were a great help throughout this project being on hand to forward us samples of their products and spec sheets, allowing us to get the finished signs just right.
The Hub Directory Signage, Office and Meeting Rooms

We also produced wayfinding signage, which guides both staff and visitors effortlessly through the building.
The Hub Wayfinding

Alongside the wayfinding signage we also introduced some more general signs, such as toilet signs, utility room signage, window manifestations and shop front style signs in the main building courtyard.
The Hub utility room and toilet signs


We have met some great people throughout this project, from the Council & project members to the people and companies working within the Hub itself. The Palace Hub is an inviting, charming place to work with a real sense of local community spirit…..and of course made even better with its wonderful internal signage!


If you would like any more information you can find our contact details here or feel free to pop in for a chat.